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Platform Terms of Use

1. Account/Profile Credentials:

1.1 Your account credentials (username and password) are strictly personal to you. It is not desirable to share them with any other person/media. Sharing account credentials with any other person/medium may result in termination of your account at any time without notice and you may no longer use the account.

1.2) These courses are for a single user account, i.e. for the sole use of the purchaser. Please refrain from asking questions like “Why can’t my brother/sister/relative staying in the same house/area?”

1.3) You can access these courses from only one device. Logging in to another device will log you out of the previous device.

1.4) Correct information provided by you at the time of course enrollment or registration on the website is very important. Esrat’s Academy reserves the right to place any restrictions on your account if for any reason you do not provide correct information and we understand it. Remember that your information will be used in important documents like – course certificate, job recommendation letter, any kind of communication. Any kind of customization or modification is not acceptable here. For example – your certificate will be generated with the name you use during enrollment.

1.5) We request you to refrain from providing any kind of fake information like pseudonym, fake email address, fake mobile number etc. Esrat’s Academy reserves the right not to accept or reject the Course Enrollment Request if such is done.

2. Copyright and Content Distribution:

2.1) Free or paid distribution of any course material (video, audio, image or any document) without the permission of Esrat’s Academy authority is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. If something like this is done and we come to know about it, we reserve the right to take action according to the laws of Bangladesh. We hope you will be careful about this.

2.2) Each Paid Video Content on the Learn With Sumit Platform contains the Learn With Sumit registered logo as a watermark. In addition, Learn with Sumit reserves the right to dynamically display the user’s email ID in each video. The intellectual property right of the said video belongs entirely to Learn with Sumit. Whoever buys the course or video will only be allowed to watch the video. But he will not have personal intellectual property rights in any way. Therefore, the user will not have the right to free or paid distribution of that content. If any such thing is done, Learn with Sumit shall have the right to take action against said user in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. So, as a responsible citizen, I urge you to be careful about this. We never want a learner’s career to suffer because of this mistake. So we need your cooperation to protect the environment of the community as a whole by thinking about your career.

2.3) It is a punishable offense to exchange or share any video, text or content related to Esrat’s Academy – Courses with anyone else for money or for free without written permission from Esrat’s Academy authorities. Sharing on Google Drive, Facebook, YouTube, or any pen drive, CD, DVD or any other medium “Esrat’s Academy” authority or legal representative of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Copyright Act, Copyright Act 2000, Copyright Act 2005 Amendment: Section 84, Digital Copyright Act, Digital Security Act, 2018, Digital Security Act, 2018 (Section 19) and may take necessary action under cyber security or appropriate laws.