4 Best WordPress LMS plugins to Create Course Online

4 Best WordPress LMS plugins to Create Course Online

Online learning has created a new curve in the industry of learning . Government, businessman are using it. If you have some knowledge to share , want to make money while sharing knowledge then WordPress and these LMS made the way easy for you.

Many people are looking for a convenient and practical way to learning . So you need to choose a plugin which covers all your need and functionality also.

Here’s I am going to covering up some best and top LMS plugins that allows you to create and run online courses like udemy .

What is LMS ?

LMS stands for Learning Management System , it provides features for delivering your online course, managing courses, handling students reports everything from your dashboard. By Installing a LMS plugin , your WordPress site will be a functional one. It provides easy way to create and deliver engaging online courses.

A few things you need to know before making your site visible to learners,These are basic requirements to choose ,

Course building : You want to create dynamic course content for your learners. This may include videos, audio , PDFs and more .You must be able to do these task easily. The cleaner your site layout and easier to navigate to use for users .

Student Management: The feature helps you to track your students, how many students are enrolling, watching videos, whole reports of progress ,payments and also membership and registrations.

Content Dripping : Content Dripping allows to reveal some of content according to student progress.

Automated email : You should have an option for offering email while purchasing and enrolling into any course to student and instructors also . It also includes some important email through the LMS.

Quizzes and Tests: Including tests and Quizzes make the learning more interesting and effective also.Some LMS offers quizzes ,grading system to evaluate your students progress.

Zoom and Google classroom Integration :
Taking live class from your site onboard is now a popular way.

To show appreciation of their success towards learning you may provide certificates to them.

Payment Gateways
Payment gateway is important system to monetise your course for selling online. Your courses should support single payment, membership payment, subscription recurring model ,free courses, trial courses option to make more flexibility in your site payment.

WordPress plugin integration:
Many LMS comes with tons of features yet you will need some external features like buddy press, bbpress integration , bundle courses and sales funnels to make engagement through students and teachers also .It will help you to build successful online school.

Make sure your plugin have these features included.What are the best WordPress LMS plugins

The following plugins which will help you to run online learning platform easily.

  1. LearnDash
  2. Tutor LMS
  3. Learnpress
  4. Masterstudy


LearnDash is absolute premium LMS plugin to use. Hence it comes with simple drag and drop course builder, topics , quizzes, assignments and lots more.

  • Key features of LearnDash :
  • Drag and Drop feature
  • Easy content creation
  • Supports content dripping
  • Include forum integration
  • Membership course
  • Bundle Course
  • Quiz , test management system and set prerequisites for students

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS comes with some extensive and useful features on mind. You can create course easily with drag and drop builder and monetise course via WooCommerce , Easy digital download and membership also.

  • Tutor LMS Features :
  • Front End Course builder
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, EDD , Restrict content pro and paid membership pro.
  • Quizzes , assignment , grading system
  • Provide custom designed certificates
  • Compatible with page builder like Elementor
  • Able to manage multi instructors and their payment method
  • Have functionality for creating forum integration

Some of these option need Pro version also like automated Emails, advanced reports, multi instructors certificates and restrict content pro integration etc .

In free edition you can easily get started to run your online business easily. If you want advanced features you can get over the PRO version anytime.


Learnpress offers simple and easiest choice make online school. It comes with some important features you need.

Key features of LearnPress :

  • Pre requisite courses
  • Automated Emails
  • Students Course Review
  • Content Dripping
  • Bundle Courses
  • WooCommerce Monetisation
  • Membership recurring option

You may need to Paid version of LearnPress to get WooCommerce payment and other advanced functionality to go.

Masterstudy LMS:

Masterstudy is a freemium LMS plugin that allows you to create a platform like udemy . LMS provides some intuitive feature like drag and drop builder, Elementor page builder supported , easy content creation and more.

  • Key features of Masterstudy :
  • Unlimited courses and lessons
  • Quiz builders
  • Flexibility regarding payment method , Smooth integration with WooCommerce ,PayPal and stripe

Variety of content like video, audio ,images lesson to make the content more engaged

Pro version of Masterstudy helps you to attain much flexibility in creating and running site with more advanced functionality.

Wrapping Up :

We have covered the top notch LMS plugin for you . You may have check others LMS which includes important features and your needs.

Depending on budget and the features , benefits you need on creating online school you may choose premium version of These LMS also.

Let us know in comment below about which plugin you like most ?

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